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1. Commission calculation formula

【Active Member】: If your offline player’s valid bet reaches 10,000, it is considered an active member;

【Total Profit of the Month】: Profit of all games in the current month;

【Rebate】: The amount of rebate for offline members in the current month * the corresponding apportionment ratio;

【Platform fee】: the profit of each streaming show* the corresponding apportionment ratio;

Calculation method: commission = (total profit of the current month-rebate-platform fee + profit and loss of the previous month) * rebate ratio + subordinate agent commission (if there is a subordinate agent)

2. Calculation period

Monthly commission: Take the natural month as the statistical cycle, that is, from 00:00 on the 1st of each month to 23:59 on the last day of the month

3. Commission settlement

Monthly commission: The commission of the previous month will be paid within 7-15 working days before the start of each month

4. Withdrawal commission: the minimum withdrawal amount of LoveBet partner agency commission is INR 1000

5. The types of games participating in commission payment include: online baccarat, sports, electronic games, and lottery.